Freshly baked batches

Freshly baked batches

We have a large variety of pastries to suit all taste buds.

Jalal Sons customized cakes

Jalal Sons customized cakes

Exquisite & well crafted tempting customized cakes

Freshly baked batches

Freshly baked batches

Serves a wide range of instant baked eateries

Jalal Sons household

Jalal Sons household

Offers an extensive collection of home appliances and dinnerware


Our services are the best in town, we provide great quality baked products


Buy Groceries from Jalal Sons, and choose from a range of the high quality local and imported Groceries products available in Pakistan.


Premiers of live baking, Jalal Sons bakes oven hot pizzas, patties and french hearts right in front of you. We also have a large range of made to order sandwiches to choose from as well as burgers, crispy chicken, smoothies, ice creams and cakes along with hundreds of other items making us the bakery for all your needs.


Exquisitely made cakes hand-crafted by experts to look amazing and taste divine.


Find the ideal set of classic dinnerware & decorated dinner sets from plates to bowls & much more at Jalal Sons.

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